VAAT brengt nu ook kleur naar de tafel

VAAT now also brings color to the table

Following a series of colorful fashionable tea and kitchen towels, VAAT is launching a signature tablecloth in a pink orange XL houndstooth design. With this typical VAAT design, dinner becomes an even bigger party.
The XL, as the tablecloth is simply called, gives an instant upgrade to your table and is the way to easily add color to your interior. The tablecloth is 300 x 150 cm, woven from 100 percent cotton and jacquard. This means that the pattern is woven into the fabric and the fabric is not printed. The tablecloth therefore does not discolour in the wash and is wear-resistant. Moreover, it can be used on both sides. Last but not least, it is finished with an anti-stain treatment and water-repellent coating without this being visible in the finishing of the fabric.
“A tablecloth is often very beautiful, but not practical or vice versa. Try removing a red wine stain from a woven tablecloth or covering the table nicely with oilcloth. This tablecloth combines color and style with convenience,” says Kim de Vries, founder of VAAT.
The tablecloth is a perfect gift for foodies and interior lovers. It is originally packaged in a durable fabric envelope, so that it is easy to store after a dinner. Of course, this packaging can also be used to store other kitchen items.

The XL is “Made in Portugal”, which means that the tablecloth is made according to European rules and under good working conditions. The transport process is also much less harmful to the environment; transporting less far means less CO2 emissions.

The tablecloth is €119.95 and available through the VAAT webshop and through selected retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium.
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