About VAAT

What are the most boring items in the kitchen that are always in plain sight? Exactly: Tea and kitchen towels. VAAT is changing that. For all people who love good food and a nice interior…

Instant upgrade
When I got a new kitchen and started looking for matching tea and hand towels, I couldn't find them. Nice tea towels, yes, but often they did not dry well or a matching hand towel was not available. With a background in fashion, I therefore started designing and developing them myself.

Vaat is a gift for your kitchen, it gives an instant upgrade. With each set you create a different look in the kitchen. Just like a beautiful vase with flowers that allows you to adjust the atmosphere in the kitchen to the seasons or your mood. The kitchen is often the center of the house. It is not without reason that everyone at a party is always in the kitchen. So no more boring tea and kitchen towels and more color in the kitchen.

Quality and sustainability
The towels are made of yarn spun in Portugal and jacquard woven of 100 percent cotton. You contribute to production without exploitation of people and pollution caused by long-distance transport. The towels are also of high quality, which means they last longer than flat-woven cloth.

The factory where VAAT is produced has an Oeko-Tex certification. This is an internationally recognized quality mark for textiles that indicates that a product does not contain residues of chemicals, such as heavy metals, dyes or pesticides, that can be harmful to the skin and human health. Only BCI cotton is used. The Better Cotton Initiative is a partnership that focuses on making cotton cultivation more sustainable.

Gift with a twist
But the best thing is that you never have to think about what to give someone who has just moved, has a new kitchen or if you want to bring something other than flowers or a bottle of wine to a dinner party.

Kim de Vries, founder VAAT