At VAAT we believe sustainability is important. Are we doing it perfectly? Certainly not. We try to take our planet into account, but sometimes we also have to be practical. We do want to be open about what we do and why, so that we can keep our impact as small as possible.

We try to use less packaging material and encourage reuse. And we care not only about the planet, but also about people, like the team that dyes and weaves our cotton. They work under good and fair conditions in a small factory in Portugal.

"Made in Europe" and in our case “Made in Portugal” means that products are made according to European rules for good working conditions and that there is less chance of unfair production. The transport process is also much less harmful to the environment.

The great thing about producing in Portugal is that everything is close to each other. The textile factories, weaving mills and dye houses are all located nearby, making it easy for us to exercise control. In addition, the factories have their certificates in order, which show that they meet certain standards.

It is therefore better for the environment because we do not have to transport as far and it produces fewer CO2 emissions. In addition, faster delivery times allow us to maintain a smaller stock, which is also much more sustainable.

BCI cotton
At VAAT we also pay attention to the materials we use, our cloths are made of BCI cotton. The Better Cotton Initiative is a global program that aims to make cotton production more sustainable. It is grown in a more environmentally friendly way, reducing the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. It also promotes water conservation and protection of soil quality.

BCI cotton farmers are trained to use water more efficiently. They learn techniques such as the use of drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting, which can significantly reduce water consumption compared to conventional cotton production. The program also pays attention to the social aspects of cotton production. It ensures that farmers have safe and healthy working conditions and receive fair wages. BCI also promotes gender equality and invests in the training and development of farmers and communities.

By choosing BCI cotton, you can be assured that it comes from farmers who adhere to these standards. It also provides a system of traceability, allowing the origin of the cotton to be tracked and verified.