Does a VAAT tea towel or hand towel need to be washed before use?

Yes. Before using the cloths, you must wash them once.

How should a VAAT tea towel or hand towel be washed?

All tea and kitchen towels can be washed up to 60 degrees. Preferably without fabric softener because the use of fabric softener creates a special layer on the cloths that makes the fibers absorb less water.

Please note: VAT cloths are woven from cotton yarns. So they may shrink a little when washing.

How big are VAAT's tea and kitchen towels?

Tea towels from VAAT are 60x70cm.
Kitchen towels from VAAT are 50x60cm.

Where do the VAAT towels come from?

All VAAT tea towels and towels are made in Portugal. The cotton is dyed and woven in Portugal, but the packaging is also sustainably produced in Portugal.

Can I also order if I live in Belgium?

Yes. We also ship to Belgium.